Is what we talk about confidential?

Your treatment is confidential which means I do not share information about you being in treatment unless you give me written consent. There are exceptions to confidentiality we will discuss at your first appointment. Those exceptions are mainly related to immediate risk for suicide and homicide or in cases of suspected abuse.

How much will counseling cost me?

The cost of counseling mainly depends on your insurance benefit. Many insurance plans require you to pay a portion, like a co-pay. You will want to contact your insurance company for an explanation of your plan coverage.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on several factors like severity of your condition, complicating factors, and readiness for change. These will be assessed during the initial phase of treatment and recommendations will be discussed with you.

How do I choose a counselor?

Generally, you will want to choose a counselor who is licensed by a state board, has sufficient years of experience and works with issues you are seeking help with. Meet with the counselor for an intake and if you are not comfortable with the counselor it is okay to try a different counselor.

Can you prescribe medication?

I cannot prescribe medication. Those trained in medicine like a medical doctor or nurse practitioner may prescribe medication.

What qualifies you as a Licensed Professional Counselor?

After earning a masters’ degree in counseling, I had 5,000 hours of supervised experience, passed a national exam and met the requirements set by the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. I am required to have 40 hours of continuing education in the field of counseling every two years to maintain my license.